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Assurance Plan


Many parents of children with disabilities ask, “What will happen to my child when I’m gone?” 

The Full Life Assurance Plan (Assurance Plan) offers a formal and comprehensive plan of lifetime advocacy that will provide consistent follow-up on the individual’s lifestyle while also securing appropriate services for persons with intellectual impairment and/or other developmental disabilities. The Assurance Plan is designed to meet the needs of the individual by utilizing all available community resources. A flexible Individual Plan of Service (IPS) will be developed based on the needs of the participant and his/her family.

The Assurance Plan exists to offer and provide a sense of security to parents and families when they themselves become disabled or are unable to handle their own affairs. When a parent of a participant has passed away, the Assurance Plan will cooperate with remaining family members and others in a consultative capacity. The Assurance Plan will ensure consistent follow-up advocacy for the person with intellectual impairment and/or other developmental disabilities.

Oversight of the Assurance Plan will be accomplished by a joint committee of the Board of Directors of The Arc Kent County, Inc. The program is open to Kent County residents only, with assistance available to others through each local chapter of The Arc.

Examples of Assistance The Assurance Plan Could Provide:

  • Retain professional investment counsel to manage the trust funds.
  • Retain professional estate planning.
  • Serve as a Representative Payee for governmental benefits.
  • Attend the school Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Team meetings.
  • Attend work-place status and evaluation meetings.
  • Visit community residential settings.
  • Monitor Social Security or Supplemental Security Income matters.
  • Monitor medical and dental concerns.
  • Provide outreach advocacy in areas such as: transportation, recreation, and human rights
  • Monitor Michigan Department of Human services programs (e.g., Medicaid, Adult Home Help Services).
  • Maintain extended family contact.
  • Document all activities and maintain up to date records.
  • Mediate issues with service providers.
  • Other appropriate services as needed for the individual.


A Family’s Financial Responsibility

To enroll in the Assurance Plan, the family of a participant must join The Arc Kent County. The on-going work of this organization is vital to the continued strength of the Assurance Plan.

The costs for enrollment and continuing Assurance Plan services will be agreed upon in the Individual Plan of Service. Families are encouraged to remember the Assurance Plan in their estate planning. The staff at The Arc Kent County can offer suggestions as to how this can be done.

The Assurance Plan offers a way to assist families or other interested persons in assuring the quality of life for those with intellectual impairment and/or other developmental disabilities-throughout their lifetime.

  • Programs & Services Continuum
  • Special Education/Advocacy
  • Financial Benefits/Entitlements
  • Estate Plan & Counseling
  • Person-Centered Planning Follow Through
  • Leisure-Recreational Programs

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