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February 2018



Healthy Relationships Lessons & Schedule

WEAVE is partnering with The Arc Kent County to offer Healthy Relationship Classes! These are the lessons for the group meetings. Every lesson is important, and you should come every week. We value everyone’s voice in group!

We will learn by playing games, doing worksheets, talking and watching videos.

Classes will be held from 10AM-12PM at

The Arc office, 2922 Fuller Ave., NE Suite 201, Grand Rapids, 49505

 To register, please contact Sara Rumbarger at 616-426-3729 or


Week 1: March 28

Welcome: We will practice social skills by getting to know each other. We will talk about respect and group values.

Week 2: April 4

Trust & Safety: We will learn about trust. We will learn about safe people and places.

Emotions & Self-Care: We will talk about naming our emotions and how they feel in our bodies and minds. We will learn about ways to take care of our bodies and minds.

Week 3: April 11

Love & Attraction: We will learn about the difference between attraction and love. We will talk about gender identity and sexual orientation.

Internet/Phone Safety:  We will learn how to be safe on computers and phones

Consent & Communication: We will learn that consent means to give permission. We will learn about rules for sexual touches and action.

Week 4: April 18

Types of Relationships & Relationship Boundaries: We will talk about types of relationships: family, friends and authority. We will talk about how boundaries are different with different relationship types.

Week 5: April 25

Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships: We will learn about signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships with friends, caregivers, family, and romantic relationships. 

Dating Violence: We will learn about power, control, and respect in romantic relationships. We will learn about why dating violence happens and what you can do if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship.

Week 6: May 2

*We might split up by gender this week (one group of men and one group of women)

Female & Male Private Body Parts: We will learn the proper names of female and male private body parts. We will also discuss hygiene and public vs. private actions.

Week 7: May 9

Sexual Reflexes, Sexual Actions & Sexual Contact: We will discuss the difference between sexual responses and romantic feelings. We will talk about different kinds of sexual and romantic contacts and how to protect yourself.

Week 8: May 16

Sexual Safety-Unplanned Pregnancy: Sexual contact can cause unplanned pregnancy. We will learn ways to lower the risk of an unplanned pregnancy.

Sexual Safety- Sexually Transmitted Infections and Diseases: Sexual contact can sometimes make people sick. We will learn ways to stay safe and healthy.

Week 9: May 23

Sexual Violence: Sometimes sex is used to hurt people and sometimes sex is not respectful.

We will learn about what to do when someone is hurt in a sexual way.

*May 30: No Class

Week 10: June 6

Empowerment & Closing Celebration: We will practice standing up for ourselves. You will be able to tell the group leaders what you liked and didn’t like about the group. We will celebrate graduating the Healthy Relationships Group!